At Your Service…

At Your Service…

What does it mean to roll out the red carpet? What does it mean to make people feel special? What does it mean when someone goes the extra mile to attend to your very specific details? I think we all would say that it just feels great! It means something when people recognize us and our needs and makes a very concerted effort to attend to them… And this my friends is service. The most interesting thing about service is that the person that is serving chooses to make your needs more important than their own at that time. And the thing is… this is what leads to great success for businesses and brands. It is not a position of less than and/or have to, but rather a position of I get to or as the phrase I prefer, ‘Allow Me.’

So I ask you, “When was the last time you served others, other than yourself?” And this is not just some plea for community service sign-ups or anything, but think of it in this manner: have you served at your job? Does your employer or in this case ‘client’ see you as a person of service that adds amazing value to their organization that propels and pushes them forward or are you simply present? Serve. It is the only way to truly become great. You see it throughout the lives of Mega-Moguls of today and those days that have gone by. Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, T.D. Jakes, Tony Robbins, Mother Teresa and more have all served people whether it was directed at their technological needs, need for humanity or just a need for connection. So as you continue the rest of your day… simply remember to ‘Serve’.

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