What Are You Made Of…

What Are You Made Of…

To be very transparent, this would have seemed to be one of the most challenging times I’ve personally faced because there is a lot of transition currently going on, but to the contrary… its only built me up because I know what’s inside of me and to put it simply: “I was built for this…” My optimism is at an all time high and to be honest its kind of intoxicating. I never been one to seek out a fight, but when I realized I was in one to better myself, I had the simple resolve of “Game On.” I say all of this to say, “When the pressure is on… Do you know what you are made of???” Pressure will burst pipes, but it also makes diamonds. When you are called to step up on your job, organization or whatever and hit a “home run”, will you be ready? Here’s my advice: Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready and know that your time is coming… Before you even realize it… its probably already here.

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