So You Had A Melt Down… Now What?!?

So You Had A Melt Down… Now What?!?

It’s funny… I think in this day and age we tend to forget that moments of heightened pressure can happen and before we even realize it we’ve reached a tipping point and find ourselves scrambling for recovery from a situation that seemingly was under control. The thing is you will have moments whether working on a product, project or in life in general where you need to let off some steam and in the process could even have a major break down. The point of discovery is not the break down, although this defines the breaking point, but rather the recovery time. And here’s the thing… Just because you have a break down… it doesn’t mean you’re broken. So I wanted to take this time to highlight 3 things you can do to create a renewed start and dramatically decrease your recovery time:

1. Accept the fact that you had a moment.

Whether you chose to cry out of anger, scream out of frustration or exert extreme physicality out of aggression… know that you went “there” and that’s okay.

2. Ask for forgiveness.

Most people would see this and say it wasn’t my fault… so-and-so pushed me. Barring the fact that you inflicted physical damage on another object, I’m saying to ask forgiveness of yourself and realize this was a place you didn’t necessarily intend to get to, but since we’re here just say, “Self… I’m Sorry.”

3. Acknowledge its time to move forward.

Recovery time is important. Personally after a major moment I just need a nap. I’m like a 3rd grader with a tantrum sometimes and its as you would imagine… he needs a nap. Even after I’ve played hard on the field with high levels of exertion, I need that recovery time. To others it may be a process of three days or a week. But the thing is you have to get back up and finished what you started.

And besides… from a branding perspective remember there was a Formula 408 before what we know of as Formula 409.

In other words… Keep Going.

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